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Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
both sides, i don't care. if it's just a story about the romney transition -- >> you don't need a obama transition because he's already president. >> what's john mccain going to do when -- who's going to run the transition? >> nobody was doing three weeks ago what mitt romney was doing -- >> nobody believed that john mccain would be president at this point. people think mitt romney could be. i want to go back -- talked earlier about this clown campaign, rights, but how we're focusing on small things that don't matter that much. part of it is that we are responding to a marketplace. fair or not, good or bad. media and journalists -- look, i've written a lot of stories in the past months about the manufacturing crisis. and rustbelt states, it's going away and how hard it is on families. nobody cares. they get two commentses on it -- comments on it. it's frustrating, but if i write about trump, i get 100 comments. >> president gives a "rolling stone" interview and says he think romney is a bs-er. that's godden media fla-- gotte media flack. should it? >> i don't think so because we h
Nov 4, 2012 11:00am EST
gotten what they deserved? >> both candidates. it was negative against romney and -- >> 23:1 rk, to romney, they dese that? >> no, no, no. ny n the study, they look at the media broadly. do they deserve that? it's whether msnbc and fox believe that's their job. >> that's their business models ? >> yes. they're not the news page, they're the op-ed page. >> though this is becoming less of a clear line now, that they try to be straight reporters and that it's the o'reillies and the ed schultzes and rachel ma douse that do the opinion. >> false, false, false. it's not true. some of the shows on msnbc are staffed by straight reporters and others are more partisan. the point you were making about -- this study overall actually is pretty good for the press and is a hit against people who think that the mainstream media is biased toward democrats. you pointed out if you take out the horse race coverage, that's just coverage that says obama is ahead and count that as a positive story, if you clear it all out, it's perfectly sneechb let me move on. i want to get to nate silver, he's predictin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)